Hello, my name is Clara Neunzig and I help you to boost your online presence!

I am a digital enthusiast with a high online affinity. With my in-depth knowledge of theory and practice, I deliver exactly the service you need for your website or online presence!

My superpowers in the area of ​​online marketing are SEO, campaign planning, content creation, social media and the writing of texts of any kind. Whether blog post, category or product descriptions, scientific articles, journalistic texts, magazine contributions or other: My texts offer exactly the value you want for your business!



Born in a disruptive phase of the digital age, growing up with the highest affinity to online business models and incubating into a digital enthusiast - My range covers the entire spectrum of e-commerce with in-depth knowledge of theory and practice.

Currently I am working as an e-commerce manager focussing on online marketing at a start-up. My responsibilities include controlling and optimizing the performance of all digital marketing campaigns, including search engine marketing (focus on SEO), affiliate, newsletter and content marketing. In addition, I am monitoring social media marketing and product information management strategically, I partly realize the purchase of products  and I am responsible for agency management. Due to my extensive position, I have sound know-how in the analysis and improvement of business model relevant key performance indicators (KPI). In addition to my main activity, I finished my Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on E-Business with "very good". My thesis was nominated in 2018 for the EHI Foundation & GS1 Germany Science Award.

Parallel to my main activity, I support a premium fashion online retailer. As part of this, I coach the team and handle the strategic and operative planning of search engine optimization.

Through my broad experience and versatile responsibility at an online retailer and wholesaler for the store brand, I offer an analytical, data-driven and organized working method with comprehensive theoretical and practical know-how in the field of e-business.

I would be happy to support your business in the future operationally, strategically and constructively!

©2019 by Clara Neunzig | CF90.Digital

©2019 by Clara Neunzig | CF90.Digital