Online Marketing

Due to my practical experience and my in-depth theoretical knowledge, I play the entire range of online marketing and offer you the service you need! Whether it is newsletter, affiliate, performance, marketplace or social media marketing that you are looking for!

Content Creation

My superpower is: Content - completely in accordance with the motto: Content is King, we work together to develop the content strategy and campaign planning that counts for your online presence. No matter if is texts, videos, pictures or graphics you need!

Copywriting & SEO

Depending on niche, industry, topic or trend, I create the texts that your readers are interested in and which encourage them to interact with you or to convince them to execute an activity. In doing so, attention is always paid to search engine optimization!

Influencer Consulting

You are an influencer, content creator or blogger and you want to monetize your hobby? I will show you the way to get paid for your unique accomplishment without having to be served with a candy bar or other product payment.

Web Analytics & KPI

Both qualitative or quantitative analysis and control are part of the path to success. Together, we determine the metrics that are fundamental to your business model and work out the levers we need to leverage for long-term success.

Influencer Marketing

Due to Influencer & Blogger another marketing channel has developed that is crucial for a holistic marketing mix. Together, we'll find the bloggers who boost your business and create the social media campaign that adequately supports your image!

©2019 by Clara Neunzig | CF90.Digital

©2019 by Clara Neunzig | CF90.Digital